Insurance Reimbursement

A Note to our Patients

Our office only works on a Pay-and-Claim basis: we do not provide Direct Billings.

If you have an Insurance, we will provide you with an Invoice and we will fill out your Insurance Form that you can submit to your Insurance Company for reimbursement. View our list of tips below to find out more!

Are You Eligible for Insurance Reimbursement?

Follow our steps below to get the information you need from your insurance company.

Step 1: Contact your Insurance company
You can find out your insurance company’s phone number at the back of your insurance card
Step 2: Find out if you have an out-of-network benefit
Ask your insurance company if they include “out-of-network” benefits for mental health care, specifically, for outpatient psychotherapy.
Step 3: Find out how much your insurance will reimburse you
Ask your insurance company about the maximum allowed amount your plan will cover for mental health services with a Psychologist. Ask as well what percentage of the maximum amount your plan will pay (This percentage of the maximum allowed amount is the amount you would receive as reimbursement).

We hope this helps! For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact our receptionist we will be happy to assist you.