Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Addresses the bond between two partners.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy helps resolve the difficulties present in the relationship between two partners. It is particularly recommended when there are relational difficulties that lead to constant dis-satisfactions and/or conflicts.

Each partner will be expected to honestly examine their own interaction and communication styles, identify and express their own feelings, and make an attempt at experimenting alternative methods of communicating and interacting.

Each partner will be encouraged to further clarify their own values and their own level of commitment to the relationship. The outcome of the therapy may be increased satisfaction with the partnership or increased clarity about the decision to part ways.

Being aware as a couple of the difficulties that are present within the relationship is the first step towards seeking professional help.

Why Couples Therapy?

What is Couples therapy for?

The difficulties usually encountered by couples who seek therapy revolve around:

  • Communication difficulties
  • Issues regarding sexuality
  • Life crisis
  • Conflicts
  • Parenting difficulties
  • Trust Issues

How long does a Couples Therapy last?

A Couples Therapy can generally take up to 20 scheduled sessions. The duration of therapy cannot be quantified a priori: it all depends on the severity level of the issue(s), history of past trauma/infidelity/or betrayal, and the presence of co-occurring emotional or psychological issues such as Mood Disorders or Personality Disorder Traits.

Both the Therapist and the Couple will progressively assess the evolution of the therapeutic process.

Our approach

Couples therapy is a process that helps identifying interaction and communication patterns that are negatively impacting the intimacy and fulfillment of needs of one or both partners within a relationship.

Each partner will be expected to genuinely examine their own interaction and communication styles, identify and express their own feelings and try to experiment alternative/healthier methods of communicating and interacting. Furthermore, one essential aspect of my approach is to explore each partner’s story.

It is crucial to focus not only on the relationship between the partners but also between each partner and the context that respectively defined and shaped them. This helps the couple re-read their own story while finding new shared meanings.

Limitations to Couples Therapy

Couples therapy will only be effective in cases where both partners put in a good faith effort to work on their problems and their relationship. Deliberate dishonesty or deceit, unwillingness to introspect and take responsibility for one’s actions, or lack of interest and motivation to engage in the couples therapy process by one or both partners will inevitably undermine the therapeutic prognosis